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Bearish Bias on The GBPUSD

Bearish Bias on The GBPUSD

Last post: April 22nd. See chart.

Review: Price had failed to break and close above January 2015 and the weekly 200sma resistance zone .

Update: Price is now trading below the daily 200sma suggesting an overall bearish market.

Conclusion: We will be looking for shorting opportunities if this weakness continues.

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Bitcoin heading for critical support

Bitcoin heading for critical support

Bitcoin / Dollar BITFINEX:BTCUSD

Bitcoin             has been flirting for some time with the critical support located around $6000-$6500, and each time the support has held strong. But continued failed attempts time and time again to push up to and through the critical resistance at $11500 is a very bad sign for the immediate value of BTCUSD             … each failed attempt increasing the likelihood we will fall below $6k. Once the support becomes resistance, we can expect to stay there for an extended period.

Essentially whichever of those two lines we cross first and stay across over 24 hours will tell everyone which way BTC             is going for the rest of the summer.

I remain bullish long term, but not until late 2018 do I expect us to recover from this extended downward movement. It seems likely after the pronounced drop of the past 48 hours, we will see a brief recovery, before testing $6k once again – but will it hold this time?

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EUR/USD – Short term & Long term.

EUR/USD – Short term & Long term.

Today we will be analyzing the EUR/USD             short-term and long-term targets.
We have just broken through and closed below the 1.172 major support on the 1 hour and 4 hour time frames and were currently retesting that zone. The target over the next 24hours would be to be falling towards the 1.15 area of support.
We could be in the process of forming head and shoulders on the 1-day time frame. This would be a strong reversal at the 1.157 heading back up towards 1.20.

Below is a link to my first video analysis-